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Founce is Live!

2022-05-28 - Founce is very excited to announce its official launch! It's a very soft launch, feather pillow soft in fact, but still a significant milestone worth celebrating

Mike Hanna


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Release the doves!! or at least some search engine bots...

I'm very happy to announce that Founce is live!

It's been a fun and rewarding year since I started working on Founce full time (and then some). Prior to that, there were several years of experimenting with databases, cloud technology, data shaping, web design, etc., plus lots of noodling to figure out what Founce should be. The last few months have been filled with wrapping up all the loose ends needed to make the site whole (e.g. privacy policy, FAQs, blog support, newsletter and more). Finally... it's complete enough for you to take a look and start using it.

Opening Height Cleared

I was a high jumper in high school and the competition generally works by moving the height up until there's only one person who cleared it in three attempt or less. It always starts with an "opening height", which is a relatively low height that varies from meet to meet. It's usually a height that most of the competitors are able to clear. That's where Founce is now, clearing the opening height. Maybe the approach or form wasn't perfect, maybe the bar wobbled a little after brushing the bar on the way over, but the height was cleared. Adjustments and improvements will be needed to clear greater heights, but that's for later. Right now, the opening height was cleared and it's a start.

Here's a few of the highlights of what clearing the opening height means for Founce:

  • It's live and available online
  • It seems stable, but will probably require some tweaks as more people start using it
  • Updates are automated, the site typically runs without manual interventions
  • There's enough functionality to be somewhat useful and entertaining and to see some of the potential

Future Heights

Although this is an important milestone, much is left to be done. Take a look at What is Founce? for more details about future plans. If you'd like to stay informed on the developments, please subscribe to the newsletter or follow us on Twitter.


Many thanks to those who've encouraged me and listened while I rambled on about it, frequently with eyes glazing over. You're the best.

Please submit any questions, comments or feedback to Founce via email or Twitter

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