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Founce uses cookies for a variety of purposes, some of which are optional. Use this page to provide or deny your consent for privacy and cookie options. For additional info, see the Privacy Policy

Current Status

No cookie preferences are stored on this device. Only necessary cookies are currently in use by the website.


This website collects information about how users interact with the site. Founce would like your consent to store an anonymous ID in a session cookie so we can group all of your interactions together and get a better picture of activity (e.g. how often do users visit, how many pages do they click on while there). Without your consent, no ID will be stored and the information gathered will be less useful for understanding user activity and improving the site.

If you consent to ad personalization, ad networks (e.g. Google adSense) will try to show you ads that are most relevant to you based on your past web activity. Additionally, information about your current activity will be gathered by the ad networks to inform future ad personalization. Without consent, ads will still be shown, but they won't be customized to your interests.

In order for this website to function, there are a few categories of cookies that are necessary:

  • Cookies are used if required to maintain the security of the site (e.g. CSRF).
  • Advertisers are allowed to store first-party cookies required to prevent fraud, measure campaign performance and avoid showing repetitive ads. Collecting information for ad personalization is not considered necessary and is not enabled without your consent.
  • If you chose to save your cookie preferences, these preferences will be stored as a cookie.

This website does not use or support third party cookies.

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