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Urmas Kibuspuu

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Urmas Kibuspuu was an Estonian actor. - Wikipedia

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MOVIE • 1982

Character: Aadu

Arabella is a daughter of the world's most terrifying pirate captain. She loves her father but also dreams about a life of a usual girl. One day a weird stranger is saved from the sea who will be the only friend of Arabella. At the same time a rival pirate called Raudpats plans to kidnap the girl. Will she be safe and can she ever live a normal life?

MOVIE • 1981

Character: Tölpa

Bumpy is a family musical somewhat echoing the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. Brother and sister (Kusti and Iti) get lost in a forest while picking strawberries and are captured by an evil forest hag. They are made to work for her. The hag has a son called Bumpy whom Iti befriends. When they get a chance to escape, they decide to take Bumpy with them.

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