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Stefanos Stratigos was a Greek actor in film and television. - Wikipedia

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MOVIE • 1970

Character: Yiannis

A soldier runs away from the horrors of war, finds love with a virgin farm girl and a mistreated housewife, and will find that it is difficult to survive the battles of sex and love.

MOVIE • 1963

Character: Mihalis

A string of miscalculated choices and the longing of a fresh start will drag Magda of the slums deeper and deeper into a tireless personal nightmare.

MOVIE • 1962

Character: Antonis Papapoulakis

Alekos (Dinos Iliopoulos) is in love with Voula (Maria Voulgari) whose brother threatens to kill him if he doesn't marry her soon. Alekos' father (Pantelis Zervos) on the other hand insists that Alekos' sister (Zoe Laskari) has to get married before him. His sister Annoula (Zoe Laskari) is in love with Antonis (Stephanos Stratigos) and pressures him to ask for her hand in marriage from her family. Antonis meets Alekos by accident at a cafe in Panorama - they don't know each other - and advises him to use the infalible method of "escaping through an engagement" to calm down Voula's brother. This is after all what he intends to do himself... And God help them...

MOVIE • 1957

Character: Spyros Hatziloukas

George finished his studies and returned to Greece and his father, Anthony Delistavrou, assigned to the plant in order himself to live his life. He thinks it has conquered Rena, which, however, is a friend of George. Anthony will be forced to land when the learned but would COMFORT her friend Rena, Bill........

MOVIE • 1956

Character: Panagos

Hot on the heels of his breakthrough film Stella, Greek moviemaker Michael Cacoyanis came up with To Koritsi Me Ta Mara. Released worldwide as A Girl in Black, the film stars Ellie Lambetti as the title character. Because of her mother's loose reputation, Lambetti is considered "easy" by the male population of the tiny Greek island where she lives. She ultimately finds true love in the form of vacationer Dmitri Horn. The lovers' relationship is placed in sharp contrast with the cruelty and implicit degeneracy all around them.

MOVIE • 1954

Character: Rokas

Telemachus, an unhappy old man, still lives with his sister, whom he expects to restore so that he marries the woman he loves. In the end, he is persuaded by a friend to put an ad in the newspaper to find her bridegroom, without mentioning her real age and highlighting her dowry. Finally, two bridal candidates appear: A retired and a Greek-Argentine landowner...

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