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Sady Rebbot was a French actor. He appeared in 68 films and television shows between 1959 and 1994. He starred alongside Anna Karina in the 1962 film Vivre sa vie. - Wikipedia

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TV SERIES • 1994-1995

Character: Voice

From flashes of genius to curious experiments, humankind's innovations lead explorers and inventors on a brilliant journey of discovery in this series.

TV SERIES • 1992-1993

Character: le Gros, le Teigneux (voice)

"Once upon a time ... the Americas" tells us the story of this vast continent, from the very first inhabitants to the present day, including the Aztecs and the Incas, the conquistadors, the war of independence or the gold Rush. Through our usual sympathetic heroes (Maestro, Pierrot, Petit Gros, le Teigneux, le Nabot, etc.), we travel from time to time, always with the aim of teaching us something.

MOVIE • 1989

Character: François

Lucas has invented a new computer language but at the same time he has been informed about his strange terminal illness during which he has been gradually losing his memory. Shortly after that he meets Blanche who acts as a medium in a bizarre traveling show. Dying Lucas follows her to the sea resort where they spend together several days and nights.

MOVIE • 1983

Character: Pablo

Enrique Chacon kills Oscar Romero, a Catholic archbishop in San Salvador. The CIA calls a special agent, Malko Linge, a ruined prince who lives with an expensive woman - Countess Alexandra - to get rid of this nuisance of a man. He does, with many encounters with sweet girls, and macho villains. (Written by Artemis-9, IMDb)

TV SERIES • 1980-1982

Character: Bernard Charlette

MOVIE • 1982

Character: Claude (voice)

On planet Perdide, an attack of giant hornets leaves Piel – a young boy – alone in a wrecked car with his dying father. A mayday message reaches their friend Jaffar, an adventurer travelling through space. On board Jaffar’s shuttle are the renegade Prince Matton, his fiancée, and Silbad who knows the planet Perdide well. Thus begins an incredible race across space to save Piel.

MOVIE • 1979

Character: Père Luc

The crime squad follows a track that leads to a Morrocan drug and prostitution ring. They end up involved into an international school to form a mercenary army for non democratic governments.

MOVIE • 1972

Character: Lucien, le Grenoblois

Christmas Eve in Paris. Leo Zimmerman is a businessman who lives for his beloved little daughter’s smile. Outwardly, his life is exemplary. However, when Dimitri Kopas walks into his office, pretending to be a normal client, Leo understands that a contract is out on his head and that the young man has come to town to kill him. Overcome with anxiety and paranoia, no longer able to sleep, Leo decides to meet the killer face to face and to broker a strange deal.

MOVIE • 1971

Character: Pierre

French teens Paul and Michelle run away from home to a remote beach and have a baby.

MOVIE • 1967

Character: Hardy

A French resistance group frees twelve captured soldiers from a German prison camp, but apparently there is an additional prisoner among them who is suspected of being an enemy spy.

TV SERIES • 1965

Character: Ihr Verlobter Samson Carrasco

MOVIE • 1963

Character: Bonifacio

Bonifacio is 27 years old and he is roaming about Venice. He is trying to decide whether to accept a job or not. In so doing, he recalls all his past life: his love story with Gabriella, his old friend Claudio, who had always regarded working as a worthwhile thing, the war, the partisans.

MOVIE • 1962

Character: Raoul

Twelve episodic tales in the life of a Parisian woman and her slow descent into prostitution.

MOVIE • 1960

Character: Le photographe de mode

Two French paras who had lived through deadly situations in Algeria, meet again in civil life. Frapier is a newspaper reporter, and one day finds his friend Porte - surrounded by the police after a car theft, and an accidental killing of a police officer. He helps him escape, and provides shelter with the complicity of his girlfriend Vera. Later, Frapier will have doubts about Vera's love, and lives a passionate night with beautiful Arabelle. However, he finds himself playing a game of life and death both with Vera, and Porte. It will end in sadness for one, and death for another.

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