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Larissa Manoela

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Paraná, Brazil
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Larissa Manoela Taques Elias Santos is a Brazilian actress, singer, model, writer, entrepreneur and voice actress. She first started acting when she was 4 and had her breakout role as Maria Joaquina in the children's telenovela Carrossel. - Wikipedia

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TV SERIES • 2022

Character: Elisa Camargo Tapajós / Isadora Camargo Tapajós

MOVIE • 2021

Character: Lulli

After getting electrocuted by an MRI machine, an ambitious young medical student begins to hear the thoughts of others.

MOVIE • 2021

Character: Barbara

Two best friends embark on a life-changing adventure abroad as exchange students.

MOVIE • 2020

Character: Ana

When Ana, an influencer, crashes her car while talking on the phone, she's shipped to her grumpy grandfather's farm -- and forced into a digital detox.

TV SERIES • 2018-2019

Character: Mirela Delfino (Mi)

After her father's death, Pollyanna is sent to live with her rich and authoritative aunt, Pollyanna now has to adapt to a new life by playing the glad game and venturing into new experiences

MOVIE • 2017

Character: Maria de Lourdes Siqueira Paz (Malu)

Ângela Cristina, mother of teenager Maria de Lourdes, has to deal with the difficulties and delights of guiding her daughter during one of the most complicated stages of life.

MOVIE • 2017

Character: Beatriz Marinho (Bia)

A shy student suddenly becomes the center of attention when she wins a huge birthday party that she never asked for.

TV SERIES • 2015-2016

Character: Manuela Agnes Fará (Manu) / Isabela Agnes Fará (Isa) / Isabela Saldanha Junqueira

MOVIE • 2016

Character: Maria Joaquina Medsen

TV SERIES • 2016

Character: Maria Joaquina Medsen (voice)

MOVIE • 2015

Character: Maria Joaquina Medsen

A group of friends finds their fun at vacation camp ruined when a big corporate developer threatens to build a pollution-spewing factory on the land.

ALBUM • 2014

by Larissa Manoela

TV SERIES • 2014

Character: Maria Joaquina Medsen

TV SERIES • 2012-2013

Character: Maria Joaquina Medsen

Carrossel is a children's telenovela created by Abel Santa Cruz and written by Íris Abravanel, originally transmitted on SBT from May 21, 2012 to present. It is a Brazilian remake of the Mexican telenovela Carrusel, which in turn had been inspired by the Argentinean telenovela Jacinta Pichimahuida, la Maestra que no se Olvida. In a short time the display was a telenovela phenomenon of hearing canal causing quite successful among the children public yielding several CDs, DVDs, toys and other products in less than a year. including we have made several spin-offs based on it, including a cartoon series and television sitcom.

TV SERIES • 2012

Character: Viviane Roma (Vivi)

Corações Feridos is a Brazilian telenovela that aired on SBT from January 16 to May 23, 2012. It is a remake of the Mexican telenovela La Mentira written and adapted by Íris Abravanel, based on the original by Caridad Bravo Adams and directed by Del Rangel.

MOVIE • 2011

Character: Guilhermina

The life of the owners of Circus Esperança, Puro Sangue e Pangaré, father and son, who plays two clowns. At a certain point, Pangaré starts showing tiredness and sadness for being an unhappy clown.

TV SERIES • 2010

Character: Dalva de Oliveira (criança)

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