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Wolfgang Winkler was a German actor. Born in Görlitz, he was best known for starring in films such as The Rabbit Is Me, Das Mädchen auf dem Brett and I Was Nineteen, as well as playing Hauptkommissar Herbert Schneider in the television series Polizeiruf 110. - Wikipedia

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MOVIE • 2013

Character: Dr.Bartel

When their ship is sunk in the Indian Ocean during the first world war, 50 men have to cross infinite stretches of sea and desert, avoid enemies, find allies and finally make it home to Germany. A breathtaking real-life odyssey.

TV SERIES • 2001-2009

Character: Viktor Gemballa

TV SERIES • 1996-1997

Character: Siggi

TV SERIES • 1993-1996

Character: Waldi

Immer wieder Sonntag is a German television series.

MOVIE • 1995

Character: Stasi

East-Berlin, 1961, shortly after the erection of the Wall. Konrad, Sophie and three of their friends plan a daring escape to Western Germany. The attempt is successful, except for Konrad, who remains behind. From then on, and for the next 28 years, Konrad and Sophie will attempt to meet again, in spite of the Iron Curtain. Konrad, who has become a reputed Astrophysicist, tries to take advantage of scientific congresses outside Eastern Germany to arrange encounters with Sophie. But in a country where the political police, the Stasi, monitors the moves of all suspicious people (such as Konrad's sister Barbara and her husband Harald), preserving one's privacy, ideals and self-respect becomes an exhausting fight, even as the Eastern block begins its long process of disintegration.

MOVIE • 1993

Character: Erwin Gorn

A comedy directed by Manfred Stelzer.

MOVIE • 1990

Character: Zaunmann

A village has to be destroyed for coal mining. Henning, a 15 years old boy, who wants to visit his grandfather one more time, realizes that nothing will be the way it used to be.

TV SERIES • 1989

Character: Rainer Kühne

Johanna is a German television series.

TV SERIES • 1984

Character: Kurt Krusewicke

MOVIE • 1983

Character: Vater von Klaus

Things are not going well for Klaus Wensloff. It is the last year of World War II. At school the boy hears Nazi propaganda, while at home his mother tells him Bible stories and his father explain the world revolution.

TV SERIES • 1975

Character: Mando

MOVIE • 1965

Character: Dieter Morzeck

The Rabbit Is Me was made in 1965 to encourage discussion of the democratization of East German society. In it, a young student has an affair with a judge who once sentenced her brother for political reasons; she eventually confronts him with his opportunism and hypocrisy. It is a sardonic portrayal of the German Democratic Republic's judicial system and its social implications. The film was banned by officials as an anti-socialist, pessimistic and revisionist attack on the state. It henceforth lent its name to all the banned films of 1965, which became known as the "Rabbit Films." After its release in 1990, The Rabbit Is Me earned critical praise as one of the most important and courageous works ever made in East Germany. It was screened at The Museum of Modern Art in 2005 as part of the film series Rebels with a Cause: The Cinema of East Germany.

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