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Chang Yi is a Hong Kong actor and director originally from Huizhou, China. He has appeared in over 90 films, mostly martial arts films under the Shaw Brothers Studio. Since the 1980s he mostly acted in television and appeared in over 20 TV series. - Wikipedia

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TV SERIES • 1995

Character: 公孙止 Kung-suen Chi

The Condor Heroes 95 is a Hong Kong television series adapted from Louis Cha's novel The Return of the Condor Heroes. It was first broadcast on TVB Jade in Hong Kong in 1995. Many of the cast from The Legend of the Condor Heroes reprised their roles in this series, such as Lau Dan and Wayne Lai. In addition, Jason Pai reprised his breakthrough role as Kwok Ching, whom he previously portrayed in The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Return of the Condor Heroes.

MOVIE • 1992

Character: Lord Lanling

A kind-hearted fisherman, content with simple life, is reluctantly drawn into helping a noble emperor regain his throne from his evil brother.

MOVIE • 1990

Character: toilet repairman

A well-known gangster is released from prison, and decides look for his daughter with the help of a troubled young woman.

MOVIE • 1987

Character: Chin Chin's father

A daredevil airplane pilot and spy, who fights against the occupying Japanese forces in China, must rescue the ruler of the city of Kaal from the hands of a ruthless Japanese general and his advancing army.

MOVIE • 1986

Character: Extortion Gang Leader

Tuba is a fainthearted cop who prefers to play in the brass section of the police band to pounding the streets. One day, he finds himself caught up in an extortion case with trigger-happy detective Rambo Chow. When Rambo gets fatally wounded, he makes a half-hearted vow to avenge his death. Tuba is more than a little surprised when Rambo's spirit returns to make sure the timid cop makes good on his promise. Backed up by his hotshot partner Cheung, Tuba eventually summons the gumption to track down the baddies.

MOVIE • 1980

Character: Jo Wing

Chung Yao, a martial arts expert, has long been on the run from his stepbrother, who he caught trying to rape his wife on their wedding night. His brother has never given up the chase however, and Chung Yao live in constant fear that the vengeful stepbrother will murder him and his wife.

MOVIE • 1980

Character: Hai-lung-pei-le

A Manchu prince places a cache of treasure in the care of his five most trusted guards who divide it amongst themselves. One by one the guards are murdered. Who are the secret assassins?

MOVIE • 1979

Character: Ma Tung

The Japanese ninja secretly invade China in the time of the Ming Dynasty.

MOVIE • 1978

Character: Wong Chung Wei

The eighteen jade claws are prized possessions, transmitting Arhat power to worthy fighters whose legendary feats of strength and powers bestow honour on the temple. But when misused, the power can be devastating. A mysterious assassin is killing everyone who stands in his way to claim the legendary jade claws and learn 18-Lohan style kung fu - and there is only one noble fighter alive who can defeat this ruthless killer.

MOVIE • 1978

Character: Lu Tai Yeh

Lu Tai Yeh (Chang Yi) is a stick fighter who uses his deadly “Tzu Wu” stick to make mince meat of his opponents. Lu Tai Yeh, along with his two sidekicks (Fung Long & Cheng Ching) just about closes down all the gyms in Northern China. Never satisfied, Lu and his men travel down south to clean up the region and take out all gyms and fighters who think they may be good with the stick. Lu’s plan is running without a hitch until he meets a new upstart, Ku Yung (Wang Tao), who plans on fighting Lu to take back the family heirloom - a Tzu Wu stick - and regain the honor of his family.

MOVIE • 1978

Character: Chung Tung

Chow Lueng (Lo Leih) and Meng Ho (Wong Tao) are thief catching constables, who roam the land capturing criminals with ease.

MOVIE • 1977

Character: Spinning Blades

The evil Ching government has taken over and is out to rid the land of the remaining Ming rebel patriots, including the still surviving Ming Prince. Unknowingly, the evil Ching overlord and his men capture the incognito Prince and throw him in jail. Hearing word of the Prince's capture, Shao Chang and Fang Ping mount a rescue effort to get the Prince before his identity is found out.

MOVIE • 1977

Character: Peter Chen

The thriving narcotics smuggling operations in Bangkok are headed by rival American and Chinese interests. The former is led by huge bearded nightclub owner, menacingly played by Paul Smith. His bitter rival Tse-Chan goes to elaborate lengths to have him "eliminated." The honors, however, fall to the fantastic Bruce Li - as an undercover agent playing a highly dangerous game - and his attractive girl assistant. With their supreme intervention, both factions are eliminated forever.

MOVIE • 1977

Character: Ten Chi

Superstar Carter Wong must protect the Shaolin Temple from a traitor from within the order. The Silver Fox has turned up the heat against Shaolin, but Carter and the Holy Warrior Monks will stand firm -- or die fighting!

MOVIE • 1977

Character: Chow Ma Wu

After the Mantis Fist school attacks the Eagle's Claw school and leaves their teacher for dead, the dying master passes over his senior student, Chen Tien Chun, to anoint his second most senior pupil, Lee Cheh, as new master. Dejected, Chen joins the Mantis Fist school and wins the affection of his new master's daughter, while his former schoolmates plot revenge.

MOVIE • 1976

Character: Tin Erh Keng

The plot is a standard revenge tale told in a concise manner that involves a boy witnessing his parents' murder at the hands of corrupt officials and growing up to achieve vengeance. The boy goes to Shaolin Temple to learn kung fu in a superb training sequence that ranks with some of the better-known Shaolin Temple scenes in kung fu cinema. By the time the boy has completed his training, he has grown up to be Carter Wong and soon sets out on his mission. He meets Polly Shang Kwan along the way and, after some initial antagonism, the two become allies and confront the villains. The bad guys employ a particularly clever maneuver involving dozens of imperial guardsmen performing a variety of formations on cue (including standing on each other's shoulders, three men high) as Sammo Hung bangs out different drumbeats. Sammo and Carter engage in a particularly exciting bout against the backdrop of a mountainous landscape midway through the film.

MOVIE • 1976

Character: Chin Chu Ying

The martial world is now awash in one-armed knights, who aren't inclined to make any permanent alliances among themselves.

MOVIE • 1976

Character: The Baron

This martial arts movie tries to explain the strange death of the international movie star and kung fu master Bruce Lee. Most of the story centers on a former disciple of Lee who launches a private investigation and ends up avenging the brutal death of his own girlfriend.

MOVIE • 1975

Character: General Lu Chi Yang

Lui is a powerful ex-minister who opposes the ambitious premier Hu Wei Yen. Lui is assassinated, so his daughter Lui Sin and an assorted band of people loyal to the emperor seeks revenge and justice. The premier made a mistake - he allowed a scroll of battle orders to fall into loyalist hands. Lui and Co learn this, and vow to take this proof of treason to the emperor. But, though the loyalists have Shaolin on their side, the premier has two renegade shaolin, who say "Earth and Sky", which makes them invincible, as well as golden pills, which restore their health if badly wounded. And, naturally, there are loads of old men who stroke their long white beards whilst nodding their heads.

MOVIE • 1975

Character: Mr Pie

Wang Yu plays a military captain who forms a bond with orphaned Chia Ling. Together they comb the Taiwanese countryside in search of the person or persons who murdered Chia's father.

MOVIE • 1974

Character: Master Hung

When a case of gold is stolen in transit, the surviving member of an escort party, Sung tries to recover it. He initially turns to Master Wu who unfortunately develops a drinking problem after he gets out of prison for accidentally killing someone. He has felt guilty ever since. Wu's friend Hung decides to help Sung and enlists a conman, Sau Pau.

MOVIE • 1972

Character: Ling Shi-Hao

A young woman determines to help a man who is being pursued by gangsters, so that she would have the pleasure of killing him herself as revenge for causing the death of her sister.

MOVIE • 1972

Character: Yan Tie-Yi

It starts off well enough with some nice build-up in a sprawling deserted farm town (a nice backlot on a Taiwan location) as various motley characters show up at the town's only open establishment, a tavern/inn, with some evil doings in mind. When advance men for the title bandits show up to lay the groundwork for a raid, they round up all available hostages but one. That one is the film's lone hero (Chang Yi), whose motivation is simply stated—he's there to check up on family—but no one believes him. At the thirty-minute mark, he launches into an eight-minute battle with the two bandit chieftains, hand-to-hand with one (Sammo Hung) and swordplay with the other (an actor I didn't recognize). It's a well-staged brawl and it spreads all over the empty town.

MOVIE • 1971

Character: Han Yu

A noble swordsman and a one-armed swordswoman go up against the vicious Crimson Charm gang of thieves and cutthroats. The lovely and lethal Ivy Ling Po teams with the amazing Chang I for a classic tale of good versus evil in which the best man and one-armed woman wins.

MOVIE • 1971

Character: Yen Shin-Chieh

Shaw Legend Chang Yi takes on the Wild Vile West. It's Kung vs. Gun! "A man's knowledge puts him above animals" says the Shaolin scriptures. Chang Yi must prove this- or die! A rare and fantastic film!

MOVIE • 1970

Character: Chou Ying Lung

The lovely Ching Li and handsome Chang I star as star-and-sword-crossed comrades who take on the vicious Black Tigers gang in a quest for hidden wealth. There's action galore, until the final, fiery fight in a temple of treasure.

MOVIE • 1970

Character: Scholar Kao Chih - 2nd brother

The 5 Kao brothers, separated since childhood, are unaware that the master Teng Lung Manor, Lung Chen-feng has killed their father. All five, however, seek to defeat the vicious gangsters at the Manor.

MOVIE • 1968

Character: Chang Wei Fu

A simple woodcutter named Wei Fu finds his world shattered when three murderous horsemen arrive to kill his family and kidnap his sister. Left with nothing but his mother’s bell-laden bracelet, he sets out to seek his revenge. Lucky for him, Wei Fu encounters a master swordsman, who takes him under his wing.

MOVIE • 1968

Character: Hsu Shun Wu

The Silver Fox is a throwback, the last of its kind where the heroic swordsmen are women. Lily Ho (before she became one of Shaw Brothers' great erotica actresses) portrays the feared swordswoman Silver Fox, who as a child saw her father senselessly wounded and her mother raped. It's 18 years later and it's payback time.

MOVIE • 1967

Character: Zhan Zhao, King Cat

Chang Yi plays Chan Chao, a knight of justice, who thwarts the plans of Minister Peng to assassinate the revered Judge Pao Cheng over and over again. Lo Lieh gives Chang a good run for his money as the evil and sinister henchman of Minister Peng.

MOVIE • 1967

Character: Yu Chien Wan

A righteous clan’s effort to seek out and destroy the powerful Thundering Sword turns into a tragedy as a fierce, yet impulsive beauty falls in love with the leading clansman, mistakenly poisons his brother and only makes matters worse in an attempt to make amends.

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