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Theresa Harris was an American television and film actress, singer and dancer. - Wikipedia

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MOVIE • 1953

Character: Backstage Maid

Rick Belrow Livingston, in love with Broadway star Lisa, is sentenced to 30 days in jail for speeding through a small town. He persuades the judge's daughter Cindy to let him leave for one night, so that he can visit Lisa on her birthday. After that he goes on the town with Cindy and she falls in love with him. But Dr. Schemmer wants his son to become her husband.

MOVIE • 1951

Character: Stella, Ina's Maid

Opera singer Ina Massine tries to win back former husband Dr. Lincoln I. Bartlett.

MOVIE • 1949

Character: Maid

A recently divorced couple see things differently after learning they are going to be parents.

MOVIE • 1949

Character: Esther

Cleve Marshall is an assistant district attorney who falls for the shadowy Thelma Jordon. With her sordid past -- and her relationship with thief Tony Laredo kept secret from the married attorney, Jordon seduces the easily swayed Marshall, and uses him to cover up her misdeeds. When Jordon becomes the prime suspect for the murder of her wealthy aunt, she turns to Marshall, who goes to great lengths to clear her name.

MOVIE • 1949

Character: Opal

After straight-arrow district attorney Joseph Foster says in frustration that he would sell his soul to bring down a local mob boss, a smooth-talking stranger named Nick Beal shows up with enough evidence to seal a conviction. When that success leads Foster to run for governor, Beal's unearthly hold on him turns the previously honest man corrupt, much to the displeasure of his wife and his steadfast minister.

MOVIE • 1948

Character: Nancy

After accidentally killing her lecherous producer, a famous actress tries to hide her guilt.

MOVIE • 1947

Character: Julia, the maid

Stevie Carson, a newspaper reporter, and Danny Butler, the "morgue" manager on the same newspaper, set out to track down the killer of a colleague, a book-reviewer who was involved with a group of rare book forgers and whose sister has been convinced her editor-fiance, Bill Monroe, killed him.

MOVIE • 1946

Character: Louise

An attorney enraged over the prosecution of two innocent people goes on a killing spree.

MOVIE • 1945

Character: Maid

An adolescent believes that his widowed mother's suitor may have murdered his father.

MOVIE • 1943

Character: Alma

A nurse in the Caribbean turns to voodoo in hopes of curing her patient, a mindless woman whose husband she's fallen in love with.

MOVIE • 1942

Character: Bessie Mae

The 'Dead End Kids & Little Tough Guys' are working as collectors for a finance company, when they discover the company's illegal activities and try to stop them.

MOVIE • 1942

Character: Hat Check Girl

This package for comedy and the musical numbers has Luke Brown being drugged by the gangster operators of the swank Boathouse Inn; most notably Roxie a sexy pickpocket. Brown has information that Chow Brewster and his cousin have inherited $3,000,000. The owner of the Inn intends to keep Brown under wraps until they can drive Chow to suicide. He will then marry Chow's cousin before she finds out about her inheritance.

MOVIE • 1941

Character: Hattie

A musician's ex-wife wants him back after he finds love and success.

MOVIE • 1941

Character: Cleo

Edna marries Texan Sam Gladney, operator of a wheat mill. They have a son, who is killed when very young. Edna discovers by chance how the law treats children who are without parents and decides to do something about it. She opens a home for foundlings and orphans and begins to place children in good homes, despite the opposition of "conservative" citizens, who would condemn illegitimate children for being born out of wedlock. Eventually Edna leads a fight in the Texas legislature to remove the stigma of illegitimacy from birth records in that state, while continuing to be an advocate for homeless children.

MOVIE • 1941

Character: Clementine

In old New Orleans, a beautiful adventuress juggles the attentions of a rich banker and a dashing sea captain.

MOVIE • 1940

Character: Josephine

Capitalizing on the famous radio 'feud' between comedians Jack Benny and Fred Allen. The two stars play versions of themselves, constantly at each other's throats due to real and imagined slights.

MOVIE • 1940

Character: Josephine

Radio star Jack Benny, intending to stay in New York for the summer, is forced by the needling of rival Fred Allen to prove his boasts about roughing it on his (fictitious) Nevada ranch. Meanwhile, singer Joan Cameron, whom Jack's fallen for and offended, is maneuvered by her sisters to the same Nevada town. Jack's losing battle to prove his manhood to Joan means broad slapstick burlesque of Western cliches.

MOVIE • 1940

Character: Beulah - Powder Room Attendant

Texas girl goes to New York, becomes a newspaper reporter, and tries to get her gambler boyfriend to come home.

MOVIE • 1939

Character: Ruby

A newspaper editor turns a kidnapping into the banner headlines and exclusive story that could save his publication.

MOVIE • 1938

Character: 'Pick'

A Southern belle finds herself torn between two suitors.

MOVIE • 1938

Character: Zette

In 1850s Louisiana, the willfulness of a tempestuous Southern belle threatens to destroy all who care for her.

MOVIE • 1937

Character: Maid

When a department store songstress becomes a radio star she keeps her identity secret, as the "Masked Countess", because he estranged husband is a crook.

MOVIE • 1937

Character: Athlete

Get ready for a Gold Medal murder mystery! This "tense, thrilling mystery" ('California Congress of Parents and Teachers') pits Charlie Chan against international spies who are using the Berlin Olympic games as the perfect cover...for cold-blooded murder!

MOVIE • 1935

Character: Luana's Maid

An irresponsible Broadway star gets mixed up with gambling and gangsters.

MOVIE • 1934

Character: Ladies Room Maid at Party

A man meets the daughter of his lover and they begin to fall in love.

MOVIE • 1934

Character: Marie

A young man ruthlessly climbs the corporate ladder only to attempt suicide when the stock market crashes.

MOVIE • 1933

Character: Chico

A young woman uses her body and her sexuality to help her climb the social ladder, but soon begins to wonder if her new status will ever bring her happiness.

MOVIE • 1933

Character: Lily Mae

Ruby falls in love with small-time con man Eddie. During a botched blackmail scheme, Eddie accidentally kills the man they were setting up. Eddie takes off and Ruby is sent to a reformatory for two years.

MOVIE • 1933

Character: Vera

Glory Eden (Ginger Rogers) is the star of Sponsored Radio show that requires Glory to live up to her pure, virginal, innocent image. Glory is at her breaking point and wants to rebel. To appease her desire for a man, the sponsor agrees to have her marry one of her fans, who turns out to be a hayseed, as long as she extends her contract.

MOVIE • 1929

Character: Singer

A criminal known as Thunderbolt is imprisoned and facing execution. Into the next cell is placed Bob Moran, an innocent man who has been framed and who is in love with Thunderbolt's girl, without knowing of their relationship. Thunderbolt hopes to stave off the execution long enough to kill young Moran for romancing his girl.

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