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Miloslav Luther

Slovakia, Czechoslovakia
Place of Birth
Jakub (Církvice)
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Miloslav Luther is a Slovak film director and screenwriter. He was a member of the Federal board for broadcasting and retransmission of the Czechoslovak Federative Republic, a member of the Board of Slovak Television, vice-president of the Slovak Film and Television Academy and a pedagogue of directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He is the head of the board of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund as well as a member of the Slovak Film Institute board. - Wikipedia

Select Creative Works

MOVIE • 1989 • Screenplay, Director

In WWII, Czechoslovakia split into the Slovak State and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Former pilot Viktor Lesa works for the Slovak Railway Mail and often comes to the border town of Ludendorf, the former Czech town of Bfeclav. In order to impress a young female colleague, he redirects an important package. The Gestapo shows up in the town and Lesa together with a Jewish clerk, Tichacek, have to run for their lives . They ride a cargo train to Slovakia and they decide to escape to Hungary by crossing the Danube.

MOVIE • 1987 • Director, Writer

The adventure fairy-tale about the brave prince and his faithful butler Jan wandering together.

MOVIE • 1985 • Director

In the dead of night, a few hours after Mozart's death, the usual suspects are summoned to Mozart's room by Count Pergen, head of the secret police, who considered Mozart a potential revolutionary. Over the corpse, he interrogates them, trying to discover the true cause and significance of Mozart's demise.

MOVIE • 1984 • Director, Writer

When a selfless king learns of a beautiful princess in a neighboring kingdom who callously turns down every suitor with an insult, he tries his luck to no avail. So, he hatches a plot with her father in which the princess is married to him, in disguise as a beggar, so he can teach her lessons about humility and compassion.

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