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David Jay Bercuson is a Canadian labour, military, and political historian. - Wikipedia

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BOOK • 2015

by David Bercuson

First published in 1995 as Maple Leaf Against the Axis, Our Finest Hour has been completely revised and updated, with new chapters that reflect the latest research into Canada’s home front in the war and the formulation and execution of Canadian war strategy at the highest levels.
Although Canada was not ready for war in 1939, its people and its armed forces eventually overcame major challenges—from the building of tanks, planes, ships and trucks and the production of huge amounts of grain, meat and vegetables to the creation of the only full Canadian field army in history and a navy and air force crucial to Allied victory. From Hong Kong to the Rhine River crossing, Our Finest Hour delves incisively into the pivotal battles of the Second World War and the roles of the Canadian army, navy and air force. Bestselling author David J. Bercuson probes the war on the ground, on the seas and in the air—from the bomber offensive over Germany to the Typhoon fighter squadrons with the 2nd Tactical Air Force in Europe. With an unflinching eye, he provides insight into the successes and failures, the triumphs and shortcomings, of the Canadian military.
Our Finest Hour is at once a masterpiece of historical narrative and a celebration of a growing country’s contribution during the Second World War.

BOOK • 2009

by David Bercuson

In The Fighting Canadians, David J. Bercuson tells Canadian history through the eyes, ears and colours of Canadian regiments. From the 17th century, when the “Good Regiment,” the Carignan-salières, fought the Mohawks at Courcelles, to the Newfoundland Regiment’s valiant but brutal stand at Beaumont-Hamel in the Battle of the somme, from the Winnipeg Grenadiers’ engagement with the Japanese in the Battle of Hong Kong to the Princess Patricias’ trial by fire in the war in Afghanistan, Bercuson tells the story of brave men and women at war.
The Fighting Canadians is a celebration of and a testament to the centuries-old tradition that lives on to this day, a venerable system that those now fighting in Afghanistan depend upon as they, too, face a terrible but necessary task.

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