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Jesús Bonilla is a Spanish actor. He appeared in more than sixty films since 1978. - Wikipedia

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TV SERIES • 2003-2018

Character: Santiago Serrano

Los Serrano is a Spanish television drama comedy which premiered on 22 April 2003 and aired on Telecinco. It tells the story of the Serrano family, who lives in Round Santa Justa No 133, located in the fictional neighborhood of Santa Justa, in the Ribera del Manzanares, in Madrid. The success of the series in Spain and in several other countries in Europe and elsewhere helped launch the career of several young actors and actresses, especially actor and musician Fran Perea, who acts in the series and sings its theme song, "1 más 1 son 7".

TV SERIES • 2014-2016

Character: Pepe Leal

MOVIE • 2011

Character: Bebedor chupitos (scenes deleted)

In Lethal Crisis, the world's most uncouth private eye is framed for a crime he didn't commit in the riotous fourth installment of the Torrente series.

MOVIE • 2011 • Screenplay, Director

Character: Papeles

Forged in ancient Egypt, the dagger of Rasputin is a legendary jewel that gives almost absolute power to the person who possesses it. Caesar, Attila and Napoleon were some of its owners. With the death of its last owner, the mad monk Rasputin, nobody knows where is it. The last clue is in Russia. Since then, governments and individuals have sought in vain, with no reliable clues that lead to it. The situation changes when in a Spanish prison, the prisoner Jacinto is identified by the Russian mafia as a carrier of a genetic abnormality associated with the dagger. His cellmates, Paper and Spider, will accompany him on a crazy adventure full of leaks and persecutions that lead them in search of treasure, to the deep heart of Russia.

MOVIE • 2005

Character: Suicida

R2 is going through hard times: his past failures have earned the anger of the Chief Inspector. He finds consolation visiting Didi's bar to cheer listening to music, especially blues. In addition, the Chief Inspector is jealous since he knows that R2 receives letters from the Palacio de la Zarzuela. Aided by his trusty and faithful Inspector Cardenas,he tries to solve all the cases that are presented, using methods rather unorthodox, including the use of disguises. One day, he decides to solve a very interesting case: the blackmail to a rich businessman who is threatened by the kidnapping of his young wife.

MOVIE • 2003 • Director, Writer

Character: Pedro "Papeles" Aparicio

In an odd destiny coincidence and hospital employee reiceives some important and confident information from a dying old man. He shares it with one friend and both start a crazy and extravangant adventure.

MOVIE • 2002

Character: Cinesias

411 BC, Sparta and Athens are in a endless war, but Lisistrata, a beautiful woman has an idea to stop the fight, and convinces all the women to do it: no sex until there is peace.

MOVIE • 2001

Character: Marido de Francisca

For this second film in the cult comedy series Torrente takes our fat police officer from Madrid to Marbella in Spain to investigate a villain’s plot to destroy the city with a missile. This James Bond style slapstick comedy became the most successful box-office film in Spanish film history beating out only the first Torrente film.

MOVIE • 2000

Character: Veterinario

Two cinephile weirdos kidnap a famous actress to force her to star in a little movie they're making with an 8mm camera.

MOVIE • 2000

Character: Ricardo

Julia, a real estate agent, finds an enormous amount of money hidden in a dead man's apartment, a stroke of luck that will force her to face the wrath of the very peculiar inhabitants of the condominium, headed by an unscrupulous administrator.

MOVIE • 2000

Character: Pozueta

A hilarious and heartfelt comedy! Meet Juan (Juan Luis Galiardo, Goya Ward Winner for Best Lead Actor)... an unbelievably charming middle aged ladies' man who is still taken as handsome even though he has to disguise his belly, his white hair and his "health" problems. A series of amusing situations begin when Juan is torn between his daughter, who unexpectedly and inconveniently arrives into his life, and his latest - and failed - love affair. His failed attempts at trying to patch things up will have you not only laughing out loud but it will also leave you with a wonderful sense of love and family values.

MOVIE • 1999

Character: Sargento

Nino and Bruno are two comedians who reach the heights of success with their duo act, turning them into huge TV celebrities. However, the hate between them grows as fast, and as much, as their fame

MOVIE • 1998

Character: Marco Bonilla

A company of Spanish movie makers leaves Franco's Spain and moves to Hitler's Germany to make a film in co-production. Soon some problems start to arise...

TV SERIES • 1997-1998

Character: Carlos

MOVIE • 1997

Character: Félix

Spain, 1974. A teenager and his father are traveling in a car that is the only property they have. Their life is a continuous move by desolate coastal apartments in the tourism low season. When forced to change route and get away from sea, their lives will change dramatically.

MOVIE • 1996

Character: Asistente social

Tristan is about to turn fifteen. He enjoys the good life his parents have built for him. And yet, it won't be long before his environment of protection, affection and comfort crumbles. From then on, he will learn the taste of loneliness, sadness and that survival is often more important than life.

MOVIE • 1995

Character: Jesucristo

Matacanes dies and goes to heaven just to discover that it was not as he expected, and everyone there is revolutionized lately. Peter explains that God was concerned about the progress of the world, and decided to send a second son to Earth. However, Jesus hears and does not agree, as they would have to rewrite history.

MOVIE • 1994

Character: Santos

Alberto lives with his parents and his brother Roberto, quite attractive, who tells him there are lots of girls. Alberto is a romantic guy, and doesn't find a girl for his own. He knew he was in love as soon as he saw Maria, although he was not very sure of what she thought. His brother told him he would help with her, but things get difficult when Roberto also likes Maria.

MOVIE • 1994

Character: Alberto

Three divorced men who share a flat live together without trouble until they hire a cleaning lady.

MOVIE • 1993

Character: Policía

Kika, a happy-go-lucky, naïve cosmetologist, is called to the mansion of Nicholas Pierce, an American writer, to make-up the corpse of his stepson, Ramón, a fashion photographer with voyeuristic tendencies. He was however merely catatonic and suddenly awoke feeling he owns her his life regained. Ramón eventually proposes to Kika and they might have lived happily ever after but first they have to cope with Kika's torrid affair with Nicholas, the traumatic and suspicious suicide of Ramón's mother, and the intrusive gaze of a scarred exploitative tabloid-TV star (and Ramón's former psychologist), Andrea Caracortada.

MOVIE • 1993

Character: Popeye

As soon as he is released from prison, Maki goes to look for his friend Popeye. Together they rescue the grandfather from a dangerous form of "Russian roulette" played in the asylum, and decide to take a vacation at the beach.

MOVIE • 1992

Character: El número

In 1931, a young soldier deserts from the army and falls into a country farm, where he is welcomed by the owner due to his political ideas. Manolo has four daughters, Fernando likes all of them and they like him, so he has to decide which one to love.

MOVIE • 1992

Character: Pintor

Anna Luz, a married woman, rethinks her life when she receives the visit of a stranger who claims to be her neighbor from the floor below. His arrival coincides with the entry of a series of extravagant characters who, as in a dream, invade his house. Ana is then immersed in this succession of strange and wonderful events that will forever ruin what until then was a normal life.

MOVIE • 1992

Character: Popeye

A movie based on the Spanish comic strip of the same name.

MOVIE • 1984

Character: Mecánico

Rafa and Jeromo are a curious couple of friends. Their friendship began in childhood as well as his love for Silvia, which have been in love since childhood. Silvia Jeromo elected, and Rafa decided to disappear. Years later he returns and finds that the couple is experiencing a serious emotional crisis...

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