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Liliana Rezende de Castro is an Ecuadorian-born Brazilian actress. - Wikipedia

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TV SERIES • 2014-2019

Character: Maria Clara

A drama with comic touches telling the story of Carlo Antonini, a psychoanalyst who is pathologic and very interventionist, both inside and outside the office.

MOVIE • 2015

Character: Maria Eudóxia's sister

The true story of Assis Chateaubriand, the first magnate of communications in Brazil. Due to his influence during the late 1930s up to the early 1960s, he has come to be called 'the Brazilian Citizen Kane'.

TV SERIES • 2012

Character: Virgínia

The instigating universe of investigations in Rio de Janeiro, and an anti-hero police officer who dialogues with the rules imposed by the system. In each episode, a crime is investigated and solved, showing how the functioning of the city interconnects all types of residents and visitors.

TV SERIES • 2008-2009

Character: Victoria Tarradellas

MOVIE • 2006

Character: Irene

A boy is left alone in a Jewish neighborhood in the year of 1970, where both world cup and dictatorship happen in Brazil.

TV SERIES • 2005-2006

Character: Luna

Alma Gêmea is a Brazilian telenovela that produced and broadcast by Rede Globo in 2005 and 2006. It was written by Walcyr Carrasco and directed by Jorge Fernando. Although the actors speak Portuguese, the program has been dubbed into other languages and syndicated internationally. It achieved record ratings for the 6 PM timeslot.

TV SERIES • 2004

Character: Olívia Garcia

A Maranhense young woman and a carioca tourist photographer fall for each other and get separated by destiny and a woman obsessed with his family's fortune.

TV SERIES • 2002-2003

Character: Polca

After a castaway, five youngsters end up in an unknown island inhabited by unusual creatures, a wise Egyptian woman and an evolved, malign being of bacterian origin.

TV SERIES • 2002-2003

Character: Laiza

TV SERIES • 1999-2000

Character: Srta. Ana Toledo de Mendonça

Força de um Desejo is a Brazilian telenovela produced by Globo TV and was shown in the schedule of 18 hours between May 10, 1999 and January 29, 2000, in 226 chapters. It was written by Gilberto Braga and as collaborators with Alcides Nogueira Marques, Lilian Garcia, Eliane Garcia, Philip Miguez and Mark Silver and directed by Mauro Mendonça Filho, Carlos Araújo, Fabricio Mamberti and João Camargo, with production of the core Marcos Paulo. Featured Malu Mader, Fábio Assunção, Cláudia Abreu, Marcelo Serrado, Selton Mello, Nathália Timberg, Lavínia Vlasak, Isabel Fillardis and Denise Del Vecchio in leading roles.

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