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Loretta Goggi

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Roma, Italy
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Loretta Goggi is an Italian singer, actress, and TV host. - Wikipedia

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TV SERIES • 2022

Character: Elvira Di Buonvicino

TV SERIES • 2021

Character: Margherita Conti

MOVIE • 2020

Character: Adele

Irma (Claudia Gerini), Eugenia (Angela Finocchiaro), Miranda (Caterina Guzzanti) and Rina (Paola Minaccioni) are four different women, each with their own character, their own weaknesses and their own eccentricities, but linked by a deep and lasting knowledge over time, united and marked by their essential card games. When they decide to participate in a national buraco tournament and get out of their everyday life, they will suddenly find themselves with their cards exposed. Life always offers a second chance and love can go back to upsetting at any age. After all, it is the game of burraco that has taught him that a game must be played completely, to the end, and that no result is ever taken for granted.

TV SERIES • 2017

Character: Antonia Silani

Chiara, a successful lawyer in a studio in Rome, is forced to return to her hometown for the sudden disappearance of her sister Elena, who lives there with her three children. Subsequently a body is found in a ravine and it is hypothesized that it could be that of Elena, who died suicidal. Meanwhile, his mother Antonia, who suffers from a form of dementia, thinks her daughter is still alive.

TV SERIES • 2014

Character: Elvira

Emma Guarneri decides to move from Milan to Ponza island, with her three daughters, after the arrest ofher husband on corruption charges.

MOVIE • 2013

Character: Vittoria

Andrea is having a bad luck with girls. Maybe because he's only man in his big family which include mother, three sisters, grandma, nurse and a dog which is of course female also.

ALBUM • 2007

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1999

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1991

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1989

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1988

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1987

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1986

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1982

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1982

by Luigi Proietti, Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1981

by Loretta Goggi

ALBUM • 1972

by Loretta Goggi

TV SERIES • 1968-1969

Character: Joan Sedley

Very successful italian version of Robert Louis Stevenson's historical romance "The black arrow", produced by public TV and directed by Anton Giulio Majano, considered "italian tele-romance father". An happy ending love story during the "Two Roses War" between York and Lancaster, in seven episodes.

MOVIE • 1969

Character: Marisa

Franco, singer in search of success, falls in love with Marisa. But she walks away from him to stay close to her sick cousin.

MOVIE • 1967

Character: Giulia Cantini

Aided by a chauffeur and a butler, a student of humble means pretends to be wealthy in order to attract the romantic interest of a rich girl.

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