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Birgit Tengroth was a Swedish film actress. She appeared in more than 40 films between 1926 and 1950. - Wikipedia

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MOVIE • 1950

Character: Britt Wikner

Dagmar Brink, a young female pianist, dies by suicide in her Stockholm apartment. She leaves all her belongings to her next-door neighbors, an author and his wife. Perplexed and curious, they investigate the girl's reasons for taking her life. As they visit Dagmar's friends, acquaintances and former boyfriends, her story unfolds. She stands out as loner, a woman no one could really grasp, always in want of something that nobody she met could make out.

MOVIE • 1949

Character: Viola

A needy couple in a bad marriage travel back to Stockholm after a trip to Italy. Meanwhile, a widow resists seductions from two different persons - her psychiatrist and a lesbian friend.

MOVIE • 1938

Character: Katja von Battwyhl

Ludvig and Sussi Battwyhl, Louis and Katja Brenner and Julia and Kurt Balzar are upper class millionaires. They don't seem to do any real work but still need a vacation in the mountains. Everybody seems to be romantically involved with everybody. A rich American woman joins them.

MOVIE • 1936

Character: Mary Lind, secretary

Mr. Miller is the CEO of a big soap company whose son Henry like to spend his father's money but isn't interesting in working. Henry's laziness makes Mr. Miller upset and stressed out, so he assigns his young secretary (who the son also is in love with) to figure out a way to make Henry work and she will get 10,000 crowns ($1000). But things doesn't really to turn out the way Mr. Miller imagined.

MOVIE • 1936

Character: Marie-Louise Löwencreutz

A travelling theater-company performs Offenbach's "The Beautiful Helene" when an officer in the audience notices the similarity in appearance between the leading actor Leonard Pettersson and the king Charles XV.With Pettersson dressed as the king and the other actors as the royal suite, they all go to Herrsunda castle where the officer is trying to make an impression on his fiance.

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