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María del Rosario López Piñuelas better known as Charo López, is a Spanish actress. - Wikipedia

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MOVIE • 2020

Character: Landlady

A young drug addict who has lost touch with her rich family hits rock bottom when she sells her new-born baby to child traffickers. She soon regrets her decision and finds the courage and strength to get him back. To do so, she must follow a trail into the woods and find an eerie house where the old lady she met, her albino servant and a girl with a strange gait, all live together. Nothing could have prepared her for the horror she is about to discover.

MOVIE • 2015

Character: Doña Mercedes

Two unemployed detectives with conflicting ideologies meet a rogue and seductive gypsy who proposes them a crazy mission. After that, their luck will change for the worse.

MOVIE • 2015

Character: Sonia (Present)

In the present, in Spain, Miguel's mind, affected by a brain disease, seems cloistered in the past, in Argentina, in the seventies, when he risked his life for his ideals. He is obsessed with finding a woman named Diana. Mario, his son, who has been away from Miguel for a long time, now feels compelled to unravel the mystery of a name that, like a curse, pursues his father.

MOVIE • 2012

Character: Emma

A story about the unexpected meeting of two couples in a seaside hotel, one formed by two young Mexicans and the other two foreign retirees. The four decide to wait together for the arrival of a hurricane that never comes; this allows them to have a profound experience that will change them forever.

MOVIE • 2003

Character: Lola

Barcelona, 2002. A coffin is carried to the cemetery of Montjuïc in a chariot drawn by horses. The lifeless is Pep Grau, an old fisherman found drowned and subject to his boat by a complicated knot sailor. The Pep voiceover Grau, portrayed with affection and humor the curious characters he met in life, recounts the difficult moments of his childhood during the Civil War, and finally, we are introduced to Lola, the woman of his life , which has a fish stall in the Boqueria Market beautiful and, after the death of Pep, begins receiving anonymous gifts. Silvia, a teenage ambitious and attractive, is the attorney for the insurance company. Mario, her boss and lover, asked to investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the death of the fisherman. Silvia's inquiries aa allow us to know other characters, like the maverick Dr. Cipriano Mera, Pep old comrade, and his son Gabino Mera.

MOVIE • 2001

Character: Doña Chonchín

Miguel is a child that loves her neighbour Ángela and enjoy working in the pastry-cook's shop of his family. He don't tell Ángela his feelings, and when they grow Ángela marry with another man and has two sons with him, but she continues her friendship with Miguel.However, she will not be happy with her husband and will return to the town with Miguel, and they will show their true feelings.

MOVIE • 1999

Character: Carmen

Romance and murder walk side by side in this psychological drama from Spain. A serial killer has been plying his grisly trade in a small town in Spain, murdering young girls and leaving their bodies in a nearby forest.

MOVIE • 1997

Character: María

Javi and his friend Carlos visit an old house on the outskirts of a small Spanish village. According to his brother Juan this is a haunted house and one can hear the voices of the dead. Later he is intrigued with a room which is always closed (the room where his father was found dead). He is so interested in these mysteries that he starts to investigate all the secrets of these dead people and their stories.

MOVIE • 1993

Character: Divara

"King of the Last Days" is a German television miniseries in 1993 about the 16th century Anabaptist rebellion in Münster .

MOVIE • 1991

Character: Doña Elvira

While the last remnants of the Empire are extinguishing and King Philip II (1559-1598) is dying in the shadow of lost splendor, a man, defying the divine and human justice, turns his passions into fate and his will into law. His fame is as great as his pride. His conviction, eternal. His name, a legend: Don Juan. Free adaptation of "Don Juan" by Moliere.

MOVIE • 1986

Character: Charo

Pedro Martín, a young and ambitious doctor, is studying the effect of cancerous cells on mice, but he has run out of mice in his laboratory, since they do not breed there, and he has no funds to purchase more of these expensive laboratory animals from the United States. Nevertheless, his assistant, Amador, informs him that he gave some of the mice to an old trapper, nicknamed “el Muecas”, who lives in precarious conditions in a shanty town outside Madrid, and that this poor man has successfully bred them with the help of the natural heat of his daughters. The incredulous scientist goes to the shanty town to obtain the mice. There, Pedro meets Muecas, Muecas's wife Ricarda and their two daughters Florita and Conchi. With the warmth of the women’s breasts, as the flirtatious Florita shows Pedro, the mice are able to reproduce.

MOVIE • 1985

Character: Nuria Costa

Ignacio Costa is a tyrannical businessman with a conflictive personal life. He has a large family, a woman he abuses and humiliates and five children with whom he does the same, except for Mariana one of the girls. Tired of so many vexations, his wife will begin to influence his children until together they will plot the murder of the father

MOVIE • 1984

Character: Laína

The film tells the story of two writers in love with the same woman. For years, they have worked together. One day they separate. Ten years later and Ditirambo meets up with Rocabruno, at the very least to tell him his latest story. An epilogue that closes what they together have opened.

MOVIE • 1982

Character: Nati Robles

As in the novel of the same title from Camilo Jose Cela, "La Colmena" is a sad composition with the stories of many people in the Madrid of 1942, just the postwar of the spanish civil war. The main theme of the film is the contrast between the poets, surviving close to misery under the Franco's regime, and the winners of the war, the emerging class of the people that makes easy money with illegal business.

TV SERIES • 1982

Character: Clara Aldán

TV SERIES • 1982

Character: María

MOVIE • 1982

Character: Hortensia

A man falls in love with his friend's wife and plots the different ways to get rid of his current wife and also his friend so he can have his new found love all to himself.

TV SERIES • 1980

Character: Mauricia

Based on the acclaimed novel by Pérez Galdós, a portrait of Spanish society at the end of the 19th century through the eyes of two women, Fortunata and Jacinta.

MOVIE • 1977

Character: Rosa

A middle-aged, closeted homosexual banker from a wealthy family, falls in love with a much younger heterosexual man.

MOVIE • 1977

Character: Rajada

Cebrian, a blast furnace worker Asturian, being held at the Civil Guard barracks. There has to be accountable for the disasters in a day of party with two friends.

MOVIE • 1976

Character: Manuela

In Seville during the 1970s, Manuela, a furtive hunter’s daughter, marries the servant of rich Don Ramón, who is in love with her. With her natural beauty and sensuality, she attracts all sorts of passions, along with the conflicts that derive from them.

MOVIE • 1975

Character: Rosita Florenda Méndez

Spain, occupied by the French. Zorro, the intrepid swordsman, has an accident. As a result, his friend, Father Donato, is forced by oath to find a temporary replacement for him.

MOVIE • 1973

Character: Dora

Adaptation of the text of Azorin theater play. In 1808, Napoleon's troops invaded a village in the Sierra de Madrid. Love triangle between a girl, guerrilla leader and French officer who falls in love with the girl.

MOVIE • 1971

Character: Lupe

A young European, Diego Medina (Carvell), joins the Mexican revolution and becomes a courier for Pancho Villa. He is captured and tortured by the Federales but escapes to the desert where he meets and joins a bandit named Malpelo (Fajardo) and his gang.

MOVIE • 1971

Character: Jessica

Roy runs away from the labor camp of Santa Lucia with Emiliano, a New Mexico rancher, both imprisoned unjustly for three powerful American bankers, to seize the gold mine that had Emiliano. During flight, the landowner dies and in his last moments asked Roy to recover the mine and save Jessica, daughter of his former foreman.

MOVIE • 1969

Character: Mujer del brebaje

Doctor Fausto is observed by unknown creatures in outer space. All of a sudden, a strange woman appears in his life. Her strange behavior leads his life down the path to insanity.

MOVIE • 1969

Character: María José

A promising goalkeeper of Real Madrid sees his chance when a teammate is injured and is summoned to replace him. But the misfortune is primed with him when an untimely car accident damaged her spine and is forced to give up that had to be the game of his life. Tired of so much bad luck, he retreats to a seaside hotel, where chance will go up to the stage.

MOVIE • 1969

Character: Ana Carmona

Ditirambo never smiles, always tells the truth and ruthlessly carries out all the missions entrusted to him. The widow of a writer orders him to locate the former lover of her husband with the purpose of getting revenge on her.

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