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Kataoka Ainosuke VI is a Japanese actor and kabuki actor. His yagō is matsushimaya. His mon is the Oikake Go-mai Ichō. His current stage name is Ainosuke Kataoka. He is a renowned tachiyaku, specializing in both the aragoto and wagoto styles, which is rare, considering he hails from the Kansai area, where most kabuki actors specialize in the wagoto style. - Wikipedia

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TV SERIES • 2021

Character: Kogo Tatsuya

Aiko goes to the funeral of her ex, Jun, where she is approached by his older brother Seiichirou, a reclusive romance manga creator, who asks her to date guys, and then report back to him, so he can portray it in his manga.

TV SERIES • 2013-2020

Character: Shunichi Kurosaki

Hanzawa Naoki works as a loan manager at the Osaka Nishi branch of Tokyo Central Bank. One day, Hanzawa makes a loan contract for 500 million yen with Nishi Osaka Steel Company. Hanzawa didn't want to approve the loan, but he had to due to the branch manager's order. Nishi Osaka Steel Company seems financially stable, but the company actually hides massive amounts of debt through fraudulent accounts. The company is caught. Three months later, Nishi Osaka Steel Company goes bankrupt. The bank's branch manager is Asano. He is an ambitious man and tries to shift the blame to Hanzawa. Hanzawa then attends an inquiry about the loan failure at the bank's headquarters in Tokyo. Hanzawa denies fault and promises to retrieve the 500 million yen loan. He did this because it's the only way for Hanzawa to survive as a banker.

MOVIE • 2019

Character: Nobuhiko Sakado

A seemingly lazy salaryman is tasked with managing a company secret.

TV SERIES • 2018

Character: Narration (voice)

The series is set during the Edo period, in the Fukagawa ward of old Edo (present-day Tokyo). Because the area is prone to fire and flooding, residents rent everyday items like pots, futons, and clothing from shops instead of purchasing them, so as not to impede them when they flee. Obeni and Seiji, an older sister and younger brother, run one such rental shop called Izumoya. However, mixed in with their inventory are tsukumogami, objects that have turned into spirits after a hundred years of existence. The siblings sometimes lend these sentient items to customers. Both Obeni and Seiji can see and talk to these spirits, and other tsukumogami often come to the store after hearing of the famed siblings.

MOVIE • 2015

Character: Toru Sawai

Nobuyuki Sakisaka (Yuta Tamamori) is a salaryman. When he was in middle school student, he read light novel "Fairy Game”. He still has that light novel, because he was so shocked by the ending. One day, Nobuyuki Sakisaka browses the internet and comes across the blog "Rein Tsuri no Kuni.” He learns that the blog writer, Rika Hitomi (Mariya Nishiuchi), also was shocked by the ending in light novel "Fairy Game." Nobuyuki and Rika soon begin to exchange emails. Nobuyuki wants to meet Rika, but she refuses due to her secret.

MOVIE • 2014

Character: Tokio Ubaune (voice)

When the evil Yo-Kai Kin, Gin and Bronzlow makes the Yo-Kai Watch disappear from time so they can help Dame Dedtime prevent humans and Yo-Kai from being friends, Nate Adams finds help in the Yo-Kai Hovernyan, who takes Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan 60 years to the past, when the Yo-Kai Watch was first invented by Nate's grandfather, Nathaniel Adams, while he was a boy. Together, the 2 boys fight Dame Dedtime and her evil Wicked Yo-Kai minions to save the world from her evil plans.

MOVIE • 2014

Character: Kogane / Kamen Rider Mars

Kouta is taken into a new version of Zawame, where soccer teams aim to win the All Rider Cup. The reward: The golden fruit. A strange man named Kougane starts sending locusts to other Armored Riders, consuming them, leaving their Lockseeds intact in order to revive his Golden Lockseed. Along with a strange youth named Lapis who seems to have a relation to the new world, will the Beat Riders be able to stop him?

MOVIE • 2011

Character: Morie Sakuma

A samurai Sakunosuke gets an order from clan chamberlain to kill another samurai who is married with his own younger sister. As a loyal samurai he has to accept the mission even though he has inner conflicts.

MOVIE • 2008

Character: Captain Hidaka

1944, in the depths of World War II. Toyomatsu Shimizu is a completely typical barber from a remote sea-side town who lives frugally but happily with his wife Fusae and their five-year-old son. Eventually, though, the army beckons and he is drafted. One day an officer on the battle-field orders him to kill a captive U.S. soldier. Although Toyomatsu lacks the spirit to kill the man, and only wounds him in the arm, the victorious U.S. soldiers will not accept this, and Toyomatsu is arrested and tried as a war-criminal. And he receives the cruelest sentence possible...

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