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James Donlan

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United States of America
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San Francisco
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James Donlan was an American actor. Born in San Francisco, California, Donlan appeared in 107 films between 1929 and 1939. He was the father of actress Yolande Donlan. - Wikipedia

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MOVIE • 1938

Character: Man Reported at Museum

Egyptologist, Dean Lambert, accused of car-theft, skips bail and begins a cross-country trek to join a group in New York headed for Egypt. With the police close on his trail he gets in and out of scrapes along the way.

MOVIE • 1937

Character: Shorty

A silent Western star has trouble adjusting to the coming of sound.

MOVIE • 1937

Character: Reporter

President McKinley asks Lt. Richard L. Perry to go underground to identify some obviously very well briefed Mid-Western bank robbers based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

MOVIE • 1936

Character: Jim

A priceless Cellini silver cup is stolen from a local museum with both Hildegarde and Oscar on the case.

MOVIE • 1936

Character: Smokey

A California Highway Patrolman gets involved with a smuggling ring.

MOVIE • 1935

Character: Casey

A cop, who plays by his own rules, brings down a notorious gangster.

MOVIE • 1935

Character: Salesman in Car

Dr. Socrates gave up his brilliant career as surgeon in a prominent hospital because his betrothed died under his knife. He is now a struggling doctor in a small town that has a gangster's hideout.

MOVIE • 1935

Character: Captain of the Prison Guard

The Daring Young Man is hotshot-reporter Don McLane, played by James Dunn. Always on the prowl for a good story, McLane is persistently outscooped by his rival, sob sister Martha Allen (Mae Clarke). After several reels of double-crossing one another, hero and heroine give in to the inevitable and fall in love. But as Martha waits at the altar in her wedding gown, McLane is off on another crusade, this time getting himself arrested to expose corruption within the prison system.

MOVIE • 1935

Character: Detective Fritz

After giving the District Attorney another stinging defeat, Perry plans to take a vacation in China. That is, he was, until Rhoda, his old flame, meets him at a restaurant. It seems that her husband Moxley, who had been allegedly dead for four years, is alive and demanding money as she has married into wealth. The case escalates when the police find the body of Moxley and charge her with the murder.

MOVIE • 1935

Character: Andy McNeill

A toothpaste magnate's mischievous daughter, tired of her father's traditional ways of conducting business, joins forces with her father's rival and a crazy inventor. Together they create "Cocktail Toothpaste". The new concoction tastes like whiskey in the morning, a martini at suppertime, and champagne at night.

MOVIE • 1935

Character: Farmer

A small-town newspaper publisher finds himself in opposition to the local banker on the return to town of a lad jailed possibly wrongly for a theft from the bank.

MOVIE • 1935

Character: Detective Sergeant Patrick J. Howe

Ordinary man-in-the-street Arthur Ferguson Jones leads a very straightforward life. He's never late for work and nothing interesting ever happens to him. One day everything changes: he oversleeps and is fired as an example, he's then mistaken for evil criminal killer Mannion and is arrested. The resemblance is so striking that the police give him a special pass to avoid a similar mistake. The real Mannion sees the opportunity to steal the pass and move around freely and chaos results.

MOVIE • 1934

Character: Kirby (Tiger Kid's manager)

Cabaret entertainer Ruby Carter shifts her operations to New Orleans and becomes exceedingly popular with the local men.

MOVIE • 1934

Character: Jones - Times Reporter

Expatriates and foreign correspondents mix in a Paris bistro...

MOVIE • 1934

Character: Man Advising Jim at Dog Track

Jim is a compulsive gambler. He meets Marge at a boarding house and they get married. His gambling causes problems. When he runs into old flame Valerie Marge leaves him. After a few years he returns, but she is now in love with old flame Pres. Jim buys racing dog Dark Hazard and makes a fortune which he loses on roulette.

MOVIE • 1933

Character: Harry Weems

In this engaging adaptation of James Gould Cozzen's novel The Last Adam, film icon Will Rogers portrays Dr. George Bull, a compassionate, highly regarded small-town physician who often prescribes a healthy dose of common sense! But when Bull begins dating a widow (Vera Allen), the local gossips misconstrue the story. To make matters worse, Bull's plainspoken manner earns him an enemy in the wealthy owner of a nearby construction camp. But once it's learned that the camp has caused illness by polluting the local water supply, the good doctor steps in to try to restore the town's health - and his reputation!

MOVIE • 1933

Character: Marcus Lafflin

A college professor and the school's star football player are both rivals for the same beautiful coed.

MOVIE • 1932

Character: Security Guard Fink

New York schoolmarm Hildegarde Withers assists a detective when a body of unscrupulous stockbroker Gerald Parker suddenly appears in the penguin tank at the aquarium.

MOVIE • 1932

Character: Max Hill

When a movie actor is shot and killed during production, the true feelings about the actor begin to surface. As the studio heads worry about negative publicity, one of the writers tags along as the killing is investigated and clues begin to surface.

MOVIE • 1931

Character: Clark

A gambler falls for a fake countess.

MOVIE • 1931

Character: Drunk Inviting Laura to Dance

An Austrian soldier must choose between a wealthy fiancee and a new girl who takes his fancy.

MOVIE • 1931

Character: Steve - Ore Wagon #2 Shotgun Rider

Western pardners Jeff and Cash find a baby boy in an otherwise deserted emigrants' camp, and clash over which is to be "father." They are still bitterly feuding years later when they own adjacent ranches. Bill, the foundling whom Cash has raised to young manhood, wants to end the feud and extends an olive branch toward Jeff, who now has a lovely daughter. But during a mining venture, the bitterness escalates. Is Bill to be set against his own adoptive father?

MOVIE • 1930

Character: Blodgett

A radio announcer gets caught up with a fake clairvoyant and his gang of thieves.

MOVIE • 1930

Character: Bide Taylor

A barber turns down a promising business venture in order to take his sick son to a drier climate out west.

MOVIE • 1930

Character: The Bill Collector

Johnny Quinlan is so desperate for a job that he takes a gig as a "bag man" for the mob. Meanwhile, his beleaguered wife has to deal with her bizarre, unemployed, wise-cracking brother and various neighbors while keeping house in their Brooklyn tenement.

MOVIE • 1930

Character: Ernest Heath

The murders start with the body of Robin. He is found with a arrow through the heart, but Vance deduces that the body was placed and not found where he was killed. The note found dealing with the murder was part of a nursery rhyme and signed by 'Bishop'. The only witness may have been Mrs. Drukker and Adolph, but they are not talking. As the murders progress, each one is accompanied by a nursery rhyme. It is up to Philo Vance to unravel the clues and unmask the identity of the murderer 'Bishop'.

MOVIE • 1929

Character: Deke

A reporter's marriage is jeopardized by his drinking and he finds himself accused of a murder he didn't commit.

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