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São Paulo
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Silvio Cássio Bernardo, better known as Silvetty Montilla, is a Brazilian drag queen, actor, comedian, television presenter and reporter considered one of the greatest artists of Brazil's LGBT culture. Over more than thirty-five years of career, Montilla has acted in several theatre plays, performed regularly in the main São Paulo gay clubs and participated in television programs. Currently, besides acting in musical pieces, he works in comedy clubs and in 2015 has launched his own stand-up comedy piece. He is also ahead of the reality show "Academia de Drags" on Youtube. Due to its legacy is constantly compared and called as Brazilian RuPaul. - Wikipedia

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TV SERIES • 2014-2022

Character: Host

Drag Academy shows the growth of a drag queen, and the ways that a person can choose within that career. The possibilities of building a character, developing a style, balancing their strengths and weaknesses, and pushing participants to the ends of their talents.

MOVIE • 2014

Character: Dona Vera

Two teenagers decide to attend attend São Paulo's annual Gay Pride Parade, encouraged by one of their uncles, a successful - although closeted - business executive. After witnessing an incident of shocking violence at the parade, the group makes a pact - they all have one year to come out of the closet.

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