Magrudergrind - Band Bio, Members and Releases


Est. 2002
United States

Magrudergrind is an American grindcore band formed in 2002. They have released numerous splits and three full-length albums. Since its inception the band has toured Europe and North America multiple times, Puerto Rico, Japan, and South East Asia, along with Exhumed, Despise You, Misery Index, Unholy Grave, Phobia and Rotten Sound. - Wikipedia

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ALBUM • 2016

by Magrudergrind

EP • 2010

by Magrudergrind

ALBUM • 2009

by Magrudergrind

ALBUM • 2007

by Magrudergrind

ALBUM • 2006

by Magrudergrind, Shitstorm

EP • 2006

by Magrudergrind, Sylvester Staline

ALBUM • 2005

by Magrudergrind

EP • 2005

by Godstomper, Magrudergrind

EP • 2005

by Magrudergrind, A Warm Gun

EP • 2005

by Sanity's Dawn, Magrudergrind

ALBUM • 2004

by Magrudergrind, Akkolyte

ALBUM • 2003

by Magrudergrind

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