Terminology FAQs

What is a "distilled article"?

Within the feeds shown on Founce, you'll see italicized text above a photo that says "Distilled Article From" followed by the name of a website. What does that mean? Founce defines a distilled article as an external article that has been aggregated into the feeds and has been distilled into an "Article Mentions" page.

At first glance, the feed represents content aggregation similar to a number of other sites. Content aggregators, including Founce, don't show the article but rather provide a list of articles that includes a link to the source URL. So the feed has links to the original articles, but a distilled article is something extra provided by Founce.

In addition to what you see in the feed, Founce "distills" the article and creates an "Article Mentions" page for that article. The article mentions page is a list of the authors, actors, directors, musicians and bands that were mentioned within the article. It also lists any books, music, tv series or movies associated with those people or bands that were also mentioned within the original article. Founce calls the process of figuring out who and what is mentioned within an article "distilling". Note that distilling is an imperfect process and will sometimes get it wrong or, more frequently, will miss something that was mentioned and not show it on the article mentions page.

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