What is Founce?

Founce is a new website focused on incidental discovery of books, music, TV series and movies. It combines content aggregation with data aggregation to provide more focused exposure to the current and/or relevant creative works and the people behind them. It aims to be informative, entertaining and useful, with significant potential to improve all of those areas in the future.

Cherry Picking Articles and Blog Posts

Main Feed
Main Feed - Scroll down for more articles. Click on a photo or text to go to the Mentions page for that article

Most of us have at least a casual interest in one or more of the areas covered by Founce (i.e. books, music, TV series and movies). Who has a new album out? Are there any movies you'd like at the theater? What's new on the streaming streaming services? What book should I read next? The answers to these questions and others like them add flavor to our lives. They may not be the most important things in life, but these things matter.

Sure, there's interest, but who has time to keep up with it all? Maybe you click on a couple links here and there, or maybe you're more into it and you visit a few sites regularly. Wish you had time to scan more sites to find content you're interested in? Us too.

Founce is scanning sites with relevant content and adding them throughout the day to the main feed. The feed shows a stream of article titles with an image and a brief description, similar to other content aggregators. There is also a link to take you to the article itself as well, as you'd expect.

The articles found on the scanned sites are filtered to find the ones about:

  • Books, music, TV series and movies? Yes, all day long
  • Writers, actors, directors, bands and musicians? More please
  • Sports events and athletes? Nah, there are plenty of sites about sports
  • Current events? Important stuff, but no
  • Politics and politicians? Not if we can help it

We have two goals for filtering the feeds like that:

  1. Make it easier and more fun to keep up with what's going on with books, music, TV series and movies.
  2. Decouple these topics from other news. See what's going on in these areas when you're in the mood without wading through sports, politics and current events (not trying to disparage them or detract from their importance in any way).

Targeted Feeds

The main feed is nice because it has a little bit of everything, but what if you're only interested in articles about a single area at the moment? Or maybe you're only into one of the four areas Founce covers? To handle that, Founce also has a set of targeted feeds:

Each of the targeted feeds is focused on one of the four areas. Many articles aren't exclusively about a single area, so Founce tries to figure out which area it's mostly about.

Distilling Articles

Mentions - Shows all the people and creative works found in the article. Click on any of them to see more details

Having a feed of articles about books, music, TV series and movies is nice, but for Founce, it's just the start. One major feature beyond content aggregation is to distill articles into "mentions" and showing data aggregated from a variety of sources. To distill, Founce examines the content of an article and comes up with a list of people, bands and creative works that were mentioned within the article. No context is captured to indicate why they were mentioned or what was said, it's purely a list of who and what was mentioned. Founce then uses that list to create a mentions page for the article that shows basic information about each of the people or works. Here's an example mentions page from the The New York Times about the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

For each of the items on the mention page, you can click on an image or the bordered area to see more details about the person, movie, etc. shown on the mentions page.

Pulling it Closer

Most of the data and links on the mentions pages could be found using search engines or searching on social media, Wikipedia, Spotify, etc. Same for the individual pages for people, bands and creative works. You can do all that work, but will you? Do you want to? Founce does all the legwork to pull the useful info closer so you don't have to.

Band - Bio, info and links to social media and streaming services. Scroll down to see albums, singles and EPs that they've released.

Here's an example scenario for how you might use Founce:

  1. See an article in one of the feeds, maybe an interview with someone you like
  2. Read the article and notice that it mentions a band you don't know that sounds cool
  3. Look on the mentions page and click on the new band you've discovered
  4. Check out the bio and info for the band, then click on the link for Spotify or your favorite music streaming service
  5. Play some music from the new band

In a few clicks, you can go from discovering a new band to playing their music or checking out their social media posts.

Stash Your Finds... someday, but not today

The obvious next step for when you've found something you're interested in is to save it. If you discover a movie you'd like to watch, you're probably not prepared to watch it immediately. Ideally, you'd have an account on Founce and could click a button to indicate that you'd like to watch it later. It would be nice to see what friends are reading, watching or listening to as well. Unfortunately, Founce doesn't currently have that functionality. It will make Founce much more useful, but it will take a fair amount of time to add that and get it right.

Dream Scenarios

Here are a couple dream scenarios to help you see where things are headed.

Dream Music Scenario

  1. You're using Founce and see a band that's new or new to you
  2. Check them out, play some music and "follow" them
  3. You decide to go to a music festival where they're in the lineup
  4. Founce helps you explore all the bands playing at the festival and creates a playlist for you based on your interests
  5. You use Founce to mark which bands you'd like to see
  6. You go to the festival, have a great time and use Founce to see what's up next and where your friends are at. You also mark what you saw and which ones you liked
  7. Time passes, you remember going to the festival but the details are slipping
  8. Someone mentions the band, and you use Founce to remind you which festival you saw them at
  9. Even more time passes
  10. You use Founce to create a playlist of the bands you saw at the music festival decades ago
  11. You share the playlist with your children or grandkids, proving that you were cool once too

Dream Movie Scenario

  1. You're using Founce and run across a movie that looks interesting in an article
  2. You add the movie to your "to watch" list
  3. It was at the theater, but you didn't get a chance to see it
  4. Time passes, it's not streaming anywhere and you've forgotten all about it
  5. The movie becomes available on a streaming service you use and you get a notification from Founce
  6. Founce adds it to your list on the streaming service so you can watch it when you're ready
  7. You use Founce to remind you of why you wanted to see this movie, maybe even rereading the original article that mentioned it
  8. You watch the movie and tell Founce whether you liked it
  9. Time passes, you forget all about the movie
  10. You're looking for movies to watch, but can't remember whether you've seen it
  11. Founce helps you remember that you watched it and that you loved it
  12. You rewatch the movie because it was that good

Stay Tuned

Hopefully you see the potential for Founce, but it won't happen overnight. If you'd like to stay informed on the developments as they occur, please subscribe to the newsletter or follow us on Twitter.

Please submit any questions, comments or feedback to Founce via email or Twitter

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